e-Governance Roadmap

How mature are your e-Governance initiatives?
Is your existing e-Governance solution giving you the desired output?

FABS team with its extensive expertise in the e-Governance domain will assist you in finding answers to these questions and also set the ball rolling for an efficient e-Governance solution.

Our e-Governance Roadmap service covers the following:

  • Study of the current state of e-Governance initiatives
    1. Infrastructure review of hardware, network connectivity, hosting services etc.
    2. Software solutions, application development and services review
    3. Application design, interfaces and data flows review
    4. Business Process and Best Practices implementation review
  • Identify current issues and challenges
    1. Supporting Technology issues & limitations
    2. Human Resource skills, competency and availability
    3. Project awareness and acceptance
    4. Unrealized objectives and benefits
  • Recommendation on current issues and challenges
    1. Corrective measures for
      1. High priority and critical issues
      2. Issues requiring less time for mitigation
    2. Preventive measures
  • Recommendation on sustenance and expansion plans
    1. Business Process Reengineering
    2. Best Practices integration
    3. Infrastructure and Technology upgrades
    4. New solutions and e-initiatives

This roadmap implementation coupled with our dedicated support will help you to be in the leader category for e-Governance and increase the citizen outreach of your organization/department.