Bid Preparation

How many times have you failed in putting up a good bid response and eventually lost out on the project to your competitor?

Listed below are few challenges involved in Bid Preparation and Submission, compiled by our team:

  • Incorrect understanding of the client expectations
  • Changes in corrigendum not considered
  • Missed timelines for Bid submission
  • Incorrect mode and format of Bid submission
  • Compliance documents for Pre-qualification criteria
  • Weak Technical response
  • Non-competitive Commercial quotes
  • Incorrect mapping of resources for the Bid response

One of our core competencies and area of expertise is preparing compliant and ideal bids for Government tenders.

Our Bid Preparation services broadly cover the following activities:

  • Detailed analysis of the RFP document
    • Eligibility criteria, EMD/Bank guarantee, Bid submission timelines, mode and format of bid submission
    • Comprehensive queries for pre bid-meeting
    • Changes in corrigendum
  • Building an understanding on the bid/RFP requirements
    • Detailed analysis of the Evaluation criteria (Technical and Commercial)
    • Scope of work, Approach and Implementation timelines, Resource and Technology requirements
  • Detailed information gathering for preparing the bid response
    • Negotiation with OEMs for specification compliance, sizing and competitive quotes
  • Preparing the final bid response
    • Preparing the detailed proposal document
    • Providing technically feasible solution to attain maximum score in Technical Evaluation
    • Competitor Analysis using history of previous bids in similar projects
    • Providing recommendation on commercials for the bid
  • Provide assistance in bid submission (if required)