Identifying and Mobilizing Partners

Working with the right Partners is critical to the success of any project.

Most of the modern day projects are quite complex and it’s not a good strategy to go out all alone to execute such complex projects. Such partners can also work in the background for various components of the projects.

“Why try to reinvent the wheel when one can ideally form a consortium with the expert Partners” – FABS team

With this offering we help your organization in identifying and mobilizing the best consortium partners and also providing support in commercial decision making.

We @ FABS have worked extensively with quality partners across various tiers and at all levels. This has helped us in evaluating their delivery and execution capabilities.

Considering the current scenario of corporate cost cutting, it is always wise to bag a project and outsource the work to quality service providers at much lesser cost.

Our team helps you in understanding the project challenges and identifying the components to be subcontracted if you do not wish to execute the entire project.

Our team also helps you to do a cost benefit analysis of executing the project through external partners versus your own team.